About Neyam Foundation

The Neyam Foundation is a Canadian non-profit organization that supports communities affected by war in the northern regions of Sri Lanka. Through our annual “Critical Needs” campaign we raise funds to support a specific community based on urgent needs.

At Neyam Foundation, we believe that education is the single best way to end youth poverty. We strive for a world where young minds have the skills to follow their dreams and earn gainful employment. Neyam is a Canadian based, non-profit organization, which reaches out to the children, widows and physically challenged in the North & East of Sri Lanka.

Through our work we started and scaled in helping poor children and widows in need with education, food and medical expenses. By providing access to education and receiving the financial support from donors, children complete their education, achieve their dreams, and end the cycle of poverty.

The foundation is able to reach the children and widows who are falling between the cracks and have nowhere else to turn. The financial challenges that arise when caring for these vulnerable human beings can be overwhelming, and the Neyam Foundation is determined to provide the necessary care and support through fundraising and promotional activities. Our focus is to provide assistance that will enhance the quality of a child or widow’s life that will have lasting, long term effects.

Our Values:
We are committed to conduct ourselves with compassion, integrity and respect working in harmony with our community to fulfill our mission and vision.

Interested in helping out?

Neyam does not receive any government funding, choosing instead to operate on donations and grants. If you would like to be a part of what Neyam is doing, or volunteer you can do so right here by giving financially.